Let’s go run the 2018 Athens Marathon!

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Let’s go run the 2018 Athens Marathon!

If you have not picked up on it, there has been chatter lately of a planned trip to Greece in 2018 to take part in one of the largest sport, cultural and tourism events in the world – the Athens Marathon. Bruce Ter Beek did some research and he’s come back with a Running & Tourism-focused trip for November 2018. There are 4, 6, & 12-day options for the trip with varying price points. If you have questions about the trip, you can grab Bruce at one of the weekly runs or find him on the Club’s Facebook page.

To view the trip brochure, there are navigation buttons at the bottom of the document when you hover your cursor over the image.  Click here to print or download the brochure. 

**Note: The brochure says “2017,” but we are planning this trip for 2018.



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