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GHRC Logos & 2017 T-shirts

As the Club continues to grow, there was talk that we should explore a logo we could call our own. Up to this point, the designs that have been picked for the Club shirts are shared by other clubs across the United States. We worked with a local graphic designer who came up with three designs. Initially we were going to pair it down and then let the Club vote on which one we choose. Then we liked them all and thought maybe we could use them in different circumstances.

When it comes to logos, you have to consider a few things:

  • Is it easy to convert for embroidery?
  • Can it be printed on shirts in one color?
  • Is it simple, but effective?
  • Is it adaptable to multiple mediums?

We think the three logos below can be used in a range of mediums including, but not limited to: shirts, hats, polos, banners, and stickers. We’ll post a poll on Facebook soon for your vote. In the meantime, check out the designs below.

2017 T-Shirt Plan

This year we decided to use a local t-shirt vendor to support the Grand Haven Running Club. We recently spoke with Qualitees in Grand Haven and we’re exploring one other option before we start taking orders for 2017 shirts. After looking at the past orders, we are looking at new designs and shirt options at the same time making the ordering and fulfilling as simple as possible.

Our goal is to have new shirt designs available for ordering in the next few weeks. A couple of designs have been discussed, but we’ll want your input. Once we have a new design, well post it to the group Facebook page before we make it official.

Some of the designs include:

  • “Conquer Grand Haven” – GHRC logo on the front; Popular Strava segments on the back
  • “Beer Mile Club” – Self-explanatory
  • “We Run This Town” – Resurrect an old design
  • “Swim, Bike, Run” – For those of us who like to do all three

We welcome other ideas that you might have. Please send us an email at

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