Training until it hurts

This past year, I realized something in my running form. Prior to 2016, I wasn't really running. As my physical therapist and marathon-winning wife would put it, I was moving while shuffling my feet. *my wife really loves me.* Unfortunately, as hard as she was on me, it was the truth.

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Events you shouldn’t miss in 2017

There are always the big events that you shouldn't miss. We all have races that we love and encourage our friends to join. This will be a growing list as more registrations open. We'll try to keep them in order as much as possible. If you have a race that you'd like us to add, [...]

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Welcome to the Grand Haven Running Club

First off, we welcome all runners of all abilities. We’re a family of active folks living here on the west side of Michigan. We have runners, bikers, swimmers, and some crazy folks that do all three. We have people who run to stay fit, there are those who are training for a specific race, and [...]

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